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Mancala-African Stone Game

Mancala-African Stone Game

SKU: 400100

Versions of this game have been played for hundreds of years. This 2-player turn-based strategy game is played with small glass "gems". Your objective is to capture all or some of the opponent's "gems".  There are many variations of this game, find your favorite one.  The board dimensions are 6" wide and 18" long.  This is a wonderful game that both kids and adults will love. Extra gems and a gem bag included.

Wood Color

    This board is 6" wide and 18" long and played with glass gems.


    Every item we sell is carefully inspected before it is shipped and we want you to love your order.  Please keep in mind that wood is an organic material.  It has natural imperfections, knots, cracks, scars and rough spots.  You should expect to have some natural beauty and variety in your product.  But if something is wrong, we want to fix it.  Kindly tell us about it and we will try to make it right. If your items were damaged during the shipping process we will replace them, but if the imperfections or the colors of the woods are not to your liking, we would appreciate you giving them a chance to grow on you.  If you are looking for specific woods or colors, please let us know at the time of order and we will accommodate as much as we can.  All products to be returned back to us must be carefully repacked and return shipping costs are paid for by the customer.


    • Please note, all our items are handcrafted with natural woods which add variety and beauty. Every board we make is created by hand which makes it unique. We do not mass produce which means there are no two boards alike and you will not receive the board pictured If you need something specific, please contact us in advance or select the ‘Custom Selection’ service option to your order. We will work hard to get close to what you request.  We cannot guarantee because of the natural variety of woods and we use no stains, paints or dye.  

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