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  • Will my board look like the one I saw in the picture on the website?
    No it will not. Since all of our boards are each individually made, There are none that are assembled with the same wood combination. All of the strips of wood that we cut are of various widths as well. If you like the look of a lighter board verses a darker board we can certainly fulfill that request, or if you like a lot of contrast (bold stripes) more than the muted (subtle stripes) boards, let us know that too. But to match another board exactly is going to be impossible.
  • Do you sell individual marbles or replacement marbles?
    Yes we do. Marbles do get lost and occasionally broken. We are happy to sell marbles individually. Our marble inventory changes as we place new orders and the same marbles aren't always available with every order. If you have a specific marble you are trying to match we will send it if we have it but we might not have it anymore. If that is the case we will match it the best we can.
  • Does Dirk make all the boards himself?
    Yes! He is a man in his eighties that loves to be in his shop. He cuts and glues and planes and sands all day long. His knowledge of all the different wood species is impressive to say the least. He has made your board with expertise and care.
  • Can I pick my own board and marbles?
    Yes but you will have to add the customization option to your cart. Once that is done, we will contact you to get a better idea of what you are looking for. Then we will pull a few boards from our inventory and a few marble color options and send you pictures. You can then pick from the pictures.
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