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16" Colossal Marble Solitaire 36 hole version (European)

16" Colossal Marble Solitaire 36 hole version (European)


This is the 36 hole version of Marble Solitaire. The 36 hole version is known as the European style. The rules are the same as the 32 hole version you just have 4 additional marbles to eliminate. Note of interest: With the additional 4 marbles, they will not all fit on the ring as you eliminate them from the playing field. You will be left with 4 marbles in your hand or have to set them aside if you can get down that far. If this will be a bother to you, I suggest the 32 hole version as all of those will fit in the outer ring.
A beautiful decoration for any coffee table and fun to play. Besides being a family game board, it is the ultimate entertainer for your guests. This game attracts anyone that comes into the room. It’s a fun and easy game to play, but very challenging to beat. Rules and playing instructions are included with the game.

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