Colossal Marble Solitaire Wooden Game Board16"

Colossal Marble Solitaire Wooden Game Board16"

16" in diameter and 1" thick, all laminated hardwoods with a furniture finish. The Colossal Hardwood Marble Solitaire game board comes with 32, 1-3/8" size marbles. A beautiful decoration for any coffee table and fun to play. Besides being a family game board, it is the ultimate entertainer for your guests. This game attracts anyone that comes into the room. Itís fun and easy to play, but very challenging to beat. Rules and playing instructions are included.

Through a progressive process the intricate wood pattern in this game board is created. The woods are all their natural color so the beauty of the wood species is on display. A clear varnish finish is used to protect the wood. .

A solution to beat Solitare is available. Send $ 5.00 to Marble Board Games, LLC for a copy. See bottom of page for mailing address.

Our Price: $85.00

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