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Pente (Pentagon)

Pente (Pentagon)

For two players or teams.

This is a game of skill and strategy and tactics resembling high-tech tic-tac-toe.

Object: First player to reach the established points as agreed by players or teams (usually 21 or more).

Scoring: (a) Any player to place 5 (or more) gems in a straight row on consecutive points, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally receives 5 points. (b) When your opponent has two adjacent gems you may bracket them by placing your gems on both sides and capture them and receive 1 point. Captured gems are removed to outer line of board and out of play. Multiple captures are legal.

Playing the game: Place all gems in holding pockets. Determine who will be first. First player must occupy the center point on his first move. Only one gem per turn per player. By alternating turns, each player tries to complete 5 in a row first. Once completed, tally. You receive 5 points for Pentagon and 1 point for each capture for each player. Clear the board and start a new game. Alternate players to start. First to reach total points agreed to wins the game.

Five-in-a-row games are very old. In Japan they have been played on the 19"x19" Go board for over a thousand years.

Similar to Pente and Go.

Pente Game Board

14" square hardwood game board. It’s a game of skill and strategy. Comfortably played by 2 people or two teams. Teams do not have to be balanced (two against one, three against two, any combination). This is a great family game because Mom and Dad can team up with their children and play against one another. The board is divided into " squares, by saw-curve cutting. The unique feature of this board is the four holding trays for the playing gems. Rules and instructions are included with the game. Woods used are a combination of: cherry, walnut, oak, alder, maple, ash, hickory, and mahogany.

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